Photo Book

I think an accurate statement would be something along the lines of “I have a billion photos from my trips”. I’m obsessed with taking photos. It actually started when I was in elementary school. My mom bought me a hot pink camera and I would spend hours in the yard taking pictures of the dog (my, how times have NOT changed).

Growing up in the age of film, I’d take dozens of rolls over summer break and beg my grandma to develop them. Poor grandma. She spent so much money making sure I was able to get “doubles” on all of my prints so I could share with my best friend!


Enter the digital age. I still take billions of photos. Ok, more like thousands. But seriously, I’ll come home from a trip with upwards of 5,000 photos. And what do I do with them? Aside from the few that make it onto the blog or my instagram… nothing! Such a shame.


My (photo) fate was about to change! I entered a blog giveaway for a Blurb photo book gift card with the hilarious, pun-loving, well-travelled Megan of the blog Moderately Excited. Although Megan and I have never formally met, I think we would be fast friends! We’ve formed a fun, travelled-obsessed digital friendship through Instagram. So when she posted her contest, I had to enter. Of course, I was more than *moderately excited* to find out I won!

Photo Book

I took inspiration from Megan’s “How To Make a Travel Photo Book” post. I decided to document my recent trip to Poland. Paul and I spent two weeks traveling through Poland, hitting up three major cities; Warsaw, Wroclaw and Krakow. It’s such a colorful country, I knew it would be perfect for a coffee table photo book.

Photo Book Photo Book Photo Book

Prior to this, I had never used Blurb before. Good news, it’s super easy and intuitive. They have a few options to create your photo book. I chose to download their software, Bookwright. It’s so simple.

  1. You download the free software
  2. Upload your photos
  3. Select your template layouts and drop your photos in

I followed along with Megan’s idea, alternating between two single page prints with one full page print. The one mistake I made (and regret) is I thought I had selected the flat-lay option. But when it arrived, it turns out I didn’t! Not a huge deal, but I think coffee table books look so much more professional when they’re flat-lay. And, it is also easier to show it off when you don’t have to hold down the pages!

Photo Book

The book arrived quickly and the quality was great. The photos are crisp and the colors are vibrant! I don’t think I’ll ever go back to hoarding thousands of photos and doing nothing with them. Paul loved the book so much, he said we have to make one for each of our trips… and I couldn’t agree more!

Photo Book

If you’re interested in making a photo book, I can’t recommend Blurb enough! If you do decide to make one (or already have) I’d love to see how it turns out!!

A HUGE thank you to Megan of Moderately Excited (go check out her blog… now!) and of course, check out Blurb!


How do you commemorate your trips? Tell me below!


* This is not a sponsored post

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