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New Zealand is easily one of the most naturally stunning places in the world. It probably comes as no surprise that its a Mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. Paul and I are currently in New Zealand and I wanted to share what I brought along for autumn in the land of the Kiwi.

Because New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere, they are heading into autumn. This time of year has beautiful & mild, with temps ranging from 50’s-70’s with little rain. We are  spending most of our time in the Southern Island with only a couple of days in the Northern Island.

New Zealand is very outdoorsy with a mix of rolling green hills, rugged mountains, magical fjords and glaciers abound. I’ve brought a lot of active wear on this trip with just a few nicer items for going out in Auckland and Queenstown. I’m also focusing a lot on layering, so you’ll find a lot of lightweight tanks and sweatshirts. We are also doing a lot of hiking, visiting hot springs and a helicopter glacier ride! Check out my packing guide for New Zealand below!


  1. SWEATSHIRTS | Easy to layer!
  2. SPORTS BRAS | Great for hiking!
  3. WINDBREAKER/RAINCOAT | Just in case there are a few showers.
  4. SWIFTLY TANK | One of my favorite workout tanks, perfect for wicking sweat and come in a ton of colors.
  5. ALIGN LEGGINGS | My favorite leggings EVER!
  6. DENIM JACKET | Easy to throw on over regular clothes or activewear.
  7. ALL-TIED UP TANK | I have this tank in five colors 😂. So cute with leggings or even with jeans/shorts.
  8. DISTRESSED JEANS | Versatile & fun.
  9. BASIC TEE | Another great layering option.
  10. COTTON SWEATER | Cute & warms for nights out, like dinner on a lakeside patio!
  11. BLACK DENIM | I think I always bring a pair of black jeans! They’re a neutral but different.
  12. SUNNIES | Because, sun, duh.
  13. BIRDIES | Super comfortable, easy to dress up or down and lightweight.
  14. CITY BACKPACK | I love this backpack so much! Fits a lot while still being lightweight.
  15. WHITE SNEAKERS | My go-to show when traveling is a white sneaker. I like leather/faux leather when traveling because they’re easier to wipe clean and stay dry in rainy weather.
  16. HIKING SHOES | New Zealand is full of amazing hiking opportunities so hiking shoes are a must.
  17. SWIMSUIT | We will be hitting some hot springs – but I always pack a swimsuit regardless but you just never know!
  18. FANNY PACK | Lightweight, roomy & doesn’t hurt my back.

I am bringing additional items not included on this graphic including but not not limited to; my makeup/toiletries, a swimsuit for the hot springs and my fanny pack for hiking! As always, I’ve packed everything into my Away Bigger Carry-On. You can find my review here! I have a lot more activewear with me on this trip that I normally do because we have a ton of outdoor activities planned!

sunglasses, windbreaker, denim jacket, activewear

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