Flight essentials including noise cancelling headphones, kindle, lip balm, hand cream and more for long haul flights and any flight.

There’s nothing I love more than heading off on a new adventure! The one thing I don’t love, the flight. I’m not scared of flying (infact, I enjoy turbulence), but I just get really antsy and uncomfortable on the plane. Today I am sharing my in-flight/long-haul essentials. Whether you’re flying First Class or Basic Economy, these must-haves will make your flight a little more bearable, or dare I say, enjoyable? 



  • Neck pillow | I love having a neck pillow for sleeping and it’s great for supporting your lower back.
  • Hanging Foot Rest | This is perfect for keeping my legs comfortable while flying, especially since I’m short.
  • Compression socks | If you’ve never used them, definitely give them a try. They help with swelling and increase blood flow to prevent any clots.
  • Sleep mask | There always seems to be someone who needs to read a book with their overhead light on at 2am.
  • Oversized scarf or wrap | This is an essential no matter the time of year or weather, planes are notoriously cold and if you do happen to be hot, it can double as a pillow or additional back support.
  • Leggings | I refuse to wear jeans on any flight! These are my go-to leggings, they hold their shape, look nice and honestly last for years!
  • Lightweight jacket | Jean jackets are perfect to bring on a flight, they’re lightweight, warm, and easy to dress up or down. This is my favorite denim jacket. Of course, if you’re heading somewhere cold in the winter, you’ll probably forgo the lightweight jacket for a bigger coat.
  • Comfortable shoes | These are my all-time favorite shoes to wear to the airport, they’re easy to slip on and off and really comfortable. These pointed flats are a great option to dress up your look a bit and I love a pair of Chelsea boots in the winter.
  • Extra outfit | I like to pack a change of clothing in my hand-luggage so I can freshen up when I arrive at my destination.


  • Benadryl | Benny and I go way back, he helps me sleep and since Paul has food allergies, it’s a nice item to keep on hand.
  • Advil | Because, people.
  • Lip balm | My favorites for daily use are this one and this one!
  • Lotion | Find travel sizes at places like Amazon, Sephora or Target. I love this one!
  • Hand sanitizer | Great for an extra cleanse anytime.
  • Lysol wipes | Be sure to wipe down the seat, arm rest, seatbelt buckle, tray table, and window shade. Places like Walmart or Target will have mini packs of lysol wipes in the travel section.
  • Neosporin | I rub some on my nostrils before a flight to prevent germs from sneaking in! It doubles up as an antibacterial ointment if you get any cuts of scrapes, too!
  • Makeup wipes | These are great to have on hand for a quick refresh upon landing.
  • Pepto chews | Bring a pack of Pepto Chews, perfect for an upset stomach mid-flight.
  • Colgate Wisps | These bad boys are great for freshening up your breath – and the best part, no rinsing required!
  • Any prescribed medication you take regularly | Never check this, always bring it in your hand-luggage!


  • Noise Cancelling Headphones | This is my number one flight essential! I 100% recommend the Sony WH-1000XM3 over the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II  (I’m working on a review post for you guys!)
  • Portable charger & cables for phone/devices | Many international planes will have outlets or USB ports at the very minimum.
  • Entertainment | Pre-load your phone, kindle, iPad or laptop before your flight or bring a book or magazine. Most international planes will have seat-back entertainment, but I’ve had a few flights that it didn’t work! I prefer listening to podcasts to pass the time, here are a few of my true-crime favorites!
  • Card game/travel game | Stores like Target and Walmart sell mini versions of popular board games.


  • Water | This is my favorite reusable water bottle.
  • Snacks | I love bringing easy & healthy items like these mini bars (Check Customs of the country you’re traveling through/to on laws of bringing your own food to avoid any disruptions or fines with Customs)!
Flight essentials for your next long haul flight should include noise cancelling headphones, compression socks, neck pillow and a sleep mask.

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What are your MUST-HAVES for a long-haul flight (or any flight for that matter)? Share below! 


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  • Emily Keen May 2, 2019 at 12:29 am

    Yes to all of this! Especially to wearing good leggings!

    • aholidayaway@gmail.com May 2, 2019 at 7:11 pm

      Thanks for reading! Leggings are literally the only thing I fly in! I tried to wear jeans once and was absolutely miserable. If you don’t have noise cancelling headphones, I think those are the most important thing – after leggings 😉