London Eye on New Years Eve

It may only be February, but it’s never too early to start planning for New Years Eve in London. Especially if you’re looking to celebrate in a major city. I’m sharing my advice & tips on how to plan an epic NYE celebration in London! Actually, you could use a lot of this same advice no matter where you choose to ring in the new year!



There are a lot of options available on NYE. Make sure to do your research to decide which interests you most. Here are some popular options for New Years Eve in London.

  • London’s Official Firework Show | The official firework show in London typically goes on sale in the fall. Check their website regularly for updates. This past year tickets were sold for only £10, so they’re quite affordable!
  • River cruise | A river cruise is a great option for NYE. Most cruises last 3+ hours and include a boat ride up & down the Thames, along with a stop for the fireworks show. You can find boats that offer dinner packages or casual tours with a cash bar. There are many different companies you can choose from, so do a simple Google search to get started.
  • Bar/hotel package | Many hotels and pubs will offer NYE packages. Make sure to read the details to know what each package includes. Some will have open bars, others will include appetizers, while others only offer a champagne toast & a cash bar.
  • Staying-In | This requires no research! Head to the market early and grab some champagne and snack – make a charcuterie board!
  • Roam outdoors (Primrose Hill/Bridge) | While this idea sounds nice & simple, there are a lot of things to consider, including road closures, visibility and crowds.
fireworks at the London Eye on New Years Eve in London

Note: these photos were taken on my iPhone so the quality doesn’t do it justice!


With London being one of the largest cities in the world, it’s no surprise it’s a top destination for NYE. Consider the following things when making your plans.

  • Road closures
  • Crowds
  • Bridge closures
  • Cost of tours, packages, etc.
  • Safety
  • Public transportation closures
  • Hiked fees for cabs/Uber
  • View point/vantage point of fireworks
  • Does your ticket include unlimited drinks or any food?
  • Do you need cash? It’s generally a good idea to have cash on hand in situations like NYE, as you never know when you might need cash for food, transportation or something else!
  • Do you know how to get home if your phone service isn’t working? This is especially important if there are unexpected closures with transportation or roads/bridges. Have your address written somewhere incase your phone dies or you lose service.
  • Costs of accommodations. During the holidays, prices on accommodations can be very inflated. London is an expensive city to begin with and the holidays are no exception. Set a budget and do your research ahead of time to avoid any financial surprises!

Tower Bridge on New Years Eve in London


What did WE do for New Years Eve in London? We opted to take a river cruise and I cannot recommend it enough! Our cruise left the dock at 9pm and took us on a 2.5 hour cruise along the Thames. Everything was lit up and our boat had two outdoor viewing decks. Around 11:30pm, we docked to wait for the fireworks. It was nice to be able to get off of the boat have unobstructed views of the firework show (which happens right at the London Eye).

Our tickets were approximately $150 (USD) and included nothing. The boat had a cash bar and the drinks were surprisingly affordable. We ended up getting three bottles of champagne for $60, which on a boat, during a holiday seemed like a steal! Our specific tour did not include food. It did have a DJ and a big dance floor. It was perfect for us, the night was magical!

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