Holiday Gift Guide for Her. Not sure what to buy the lady in your life? Look no further!

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I can’t believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Paul and I are in Chicago for the weekend and we will be doing some Black Friday shopping… well, probably online. I’m not a fan of going out into the crowds to fight for deals. I’d rather be cozy under a blanket with a glass of wine, some leftover pumpkin pie and my credit card!

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have a wonderful time with your family & friends! And, if you celebrate Black Friday (ha!) I wish you success and lots of patience!

Today I am sharing my first ever holiday guide for the woman in your life. Sister, mom, grandma, friends… maybe even for the guys, too. Whoever! This list is curated from items I own and love, and few that have made their way onto my wish list!



Diptyque candles are pricey but the scents are light & beautiful. And because the packaging is so pretty, you’ll want to repurpose the jars when the wax burns away. Desktop pencil holder? Or maybe a new home for your lipgloss or makeup brushes? Either way, this candle is a fun little spurge! My favorite scent is the Figuier.


If you saw about a month back, I got a pair of Bose headphones for my birthday. Well, long story short, I ended up returning them and buying these Sony headphones instead. Wow! They are so much better and I’m so happy I went with them. You can control a variety of features with just your right hand and your right ear phone. I plan do a mini review of these headphones in the future. The sound quality is excellent and the noise cancelling feature makes them worth the hefty price tag.


Fresh has been a popular brand for years due to their simple but effective products. I love the creaminess of the Coconut Lip Balm and the smell will transport you to a tropical island!


Sleep has never come easily for me. I usually wake up in the middle of the night and have a hard time falling back asleep. While this Lush Sleepy cream doesn’t knock me out, the light lavender & oat scent is relaxing and comforting. I rub a light layer on my arms and hands before bed. The smell is light and lovely!


I’ll admit I don’t need a scarf living in Arizona, but I love having them when I travel. Especially if I’m heading somewhere cold. This oversized scarf from & Other Stories is the perfect gift! It’s so soft and comes in so many colors.


Lou and Grey’s SignatureSoft line has changed my life. Seriously, this line is SO cozy and soft, it’s hard for me to sleep in anything else. While they aren’t actually classified as pajamas, I use the Upstate Sweatpants exclusively for bed. The material is beyond soft with a relaxed fit and classic colors like black, grey, and navy. These are a little pricey, so I tend to wait for sales at LOFT. I promise you won’t regret these, They hold up great in the wash. Tip, buy a SignatureSoft sweatshirt or tee to pair with your Upstate Sweats for the most comfortable bedtime ensemble ever!


I’ve been an Everlane fan for the past year. I own everything from denim, sweaters, and even sandals. All of these products are made ethically and they practice transparent pricing. Not to mention, their stuff is classic and well-made! This traveler wallet is perfect for carrying your passport, important cards, and cash while traveling – all in style!


Anyone else a fan of Laguna Beach or The Hills? I was always #teamkristin, I love how she was unapologetically herself, a bit of a trouble maker and always up for a good time. I’m still a big fan of hers and have recently become the owner of some of her jewelry from her line Uncommon James. If you’re looking for unique twists on classic pieces, give UJ a chance.


These bad boys are ON.MY.LIST! I’ve been debating a pair for about a year now but have never pulled the trigger. Last month on the Royal Tour of Australia, Duchess Meghan was seen out in a pair of pointy flats by Rothys. I decided to look back into them and fell in love with the loafer style! They come in a variety of colors & prints, and other styles, like slip-on sneakers and rounded flats. I can’t decide between the camo or basic black, help!!


I purchased the Dagne Dover Hunter toiletry bag on a whim. I liked the size options and the fact that each bag comes with one or two mini zippered pouches. The bag is made out of a scuba material, making it shock absorbent and just really cute. I’ve used the bag for a few different purposes. I’ve kept makeup and toiletries in it, I’ve also used it to securely transport my camera inside of my hand-luggage. It has the ability to transform into whatever you need it for!

Next week I’ll be back with a guide focusing specifically on the men!


What items are on your list this year?



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  • Emily Keen November 21, 2018 at 2:18 pm

    Love this gift guide! Do you like the shoes you’ve gotten from Everlane? I have only bought jeans from them.

    Also, I was always #teamKristin, too! Hahaha

    And, I’ve been looking at Rothys, as well! They started popping up all over ads on social media. I haven’t ordered a pair yet, though. I can’t wait to hear how you like them!

    • November 29, 2018 at 12:32 am

      Thanks, Emily! I have a pair of the Bridge sandals from Everlane and I love them! I was concerned they would be stiff and uncomfortable but I really liked them from the start. They are on the stiffer side without any cushion, but they’re still totally comfortable! I like most of the stuff I get from them, although I’ve had a few issues with size consistency.

      I love to hear you’re a hello #teamkristin fan! hahah 🙂