I remember the very first podcast I ever listened to… Serial. Who would have thought podcasts would take over our world?! Podcasts really gained steamed during the Serial era, making them a mainstream entertainment choice. I think for many people, Serial was the gateway drug. Like most of America, I was on the edge of my seat, impatiently waiting for the next episode to be released. One by one, week by week.

Today, I can’t imagine my life without them! While my absolute favorite genre is True Crime, I dabble in a few others topics, including creative business, travel and comedy. Check out my curated list of some of my current favorites below!



  • GOAL DIGGER | Self-proclaimed mac & cheese queen, Jenna Kutcher, is a mastermind. She’s a confidant, smart & savvy business woman with endless tips to help motivate you to improve your online brand and/or personal business. Check out How to Batch Work (and Save Time)!
  • HER LIFE BY DESIGN | Christina covers everything revolving around influencer marketing & creating your dream career “as an ambitious female”. One of my favorite influencers on the scene is Lindsay Silberman, and I just love her episode with Christina!
  • BAD ON PAPER | Two besties join together for this fun podcast focusing on books, careers, fashion & more. They share topics ranging from influencer culture to dating to building your brand. Their most recent episode covers all things organization (which is MY JAM).


  • ON HEIR | As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m a HUGE royals fan – specifically Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton. On Heir takes you behind the palace walls and gives insider insight from royal contributor Omid Scobie. Current topics? All things Prince Harry & Meghan Markle!
  • ROYALLY OBSESSED | Can you guess what this podcast covers? 🤣 Hosts Kaitlin & Lisa are legit obsessed with all things royal (same 🙋🏻‍♀️). They cover all the latest royal news with a fun & fresh spin.
  • MY DAD WROTE A PORNO | I mean, does this podcast even need an introduction? Maybe… Jamie’s dad wrote a porno. So what did Jamie do? He started a podcast. On this HILARIOUS podcast, host, Jamie, invited two friends to join him, while he reads aloud chapter by chapter of his dad’s porno. Trust me, its a hilarious, light-hearted podcast, sure to bring a smile to your face and a lot of laughs! Be sure to listen in order, as each episode is the next chapter in the book.


  • WOMEN WHO TRAVEL | WWT covers a wide range of travel topics geared towards women. I love organization and packing, so I recommend Packing Tips from a Maximalist and a Minimalist.
  • TRAVEL WITH RICK STEVES | Rick Steves is the OG Travel God. I love his goofy, fun-loving take on travel. He’s openminded, loves immersing himself in the local culture and strives to teach inclusion & acceptance of all people. This weekly podcast is hosted by different travel experts covering all things… you guessed it, travel.
  • TALKING POINTS | The Points Guy (TPG) Brian Kelly hosts Talking Points, a podcast dedicated to making your life easier when it comes to travel. He covers everything from making the most of those credit card rewards & points to airline & hotel reward systems to tips on cruises. He literally covers ALL THINGS TRAVEL. If you’re a business owner, check out his latest episode Tips and advice for small business owners.


  • TRUE CRIME GARAGE | To be honest, I didn’t love TCG right off the bat. It took me awhile to adjust to the hosts, Nick & The Captian’s, style. But I grew to really love their quirky, unexpected banter. They have covered so many interesting cases, you’ll have hours upon hours of listening. One of my favorites of all time is the Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders (three parts) – don’t listen if you’re home alone at night!
  • CRIME JUNKIE | One of my favorite true-crime podcasts of all time! Ashley Flowers hosts Crime Junkie and does a wonderful job explaining the cases & revealing the facts. I love so many of her episodes, but a couple of cases that really caught my attention are MISSING: Maura Murray (my all time favorite missing persons case!) and MISSING: Lauren Spierer.
  • BARDSTOWN | This podcast is different than all the others on this list (aside from My Dad Wrote a Porno) in the fact that it covers one story over the course of a whole season. Bardstown covers the unsolved murders of four people over the course of many years. Are all of these murders connected? This podcasts takes you on a wild ride through Bardstown, Kentucky, “the most beautiful small town in America”.

As you can tell, I’m a huge podcast fan. They’re my favorite past-time while traveling and working! Check out my older post on some of my favorite true crime podcasts! True crime is my all time favorite, so if you’re the same, you’ll find something you love!

What is your favorite podcast genre?!

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