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  • Zurich Old City Switzerland
    Switzerland Travel

    Walking Tour of Zurich’s Old City

    Zurich is a picturesque Swiss town, surrounded by towering mountains and crisp blue waters, located in northern Switzerland. It’s the largest town in the country and their official language is German. Zurich is known…

  • Basel Switzerland
    Switzerland Travel

    A Cloudy Day in Basel Switzerland

    I was intrigued by Basel when I found out it borders three countries. That’s right. Three. Switzerland, France, and Germany. My husband and I wanted to explore Basel for a night, before heading on…

  • Lucerne Old Town Chapel Bridge
    Switzerland Travel

    Exploring Lucerne Switzerland

    Lucerne Switzerland is a top contender on people’s Swiss Bucket Lists, and for good reason. The charming medieval old town is surrounded by the shores of Lake Lucerne and the towering Swiss Alps.…