Basel Switzerland

I was intrigued by Basel when I found out it borders three countries. That’s right. Three. Switzerland, France, and Germany. My husband and I wanted to explore Basel for a night, before heading on to Zurich, and then back home to the States. We rode the train from Lucerne to Basel (I love to travel by train). On the day we arrived, it was very gray and gloomy. It rained on and off, but we had a great time wandering the streets of Basel.



Basel is a well preserved medieval city. It has an impressive theater and music scene – and is home to many renowned museums and universities. To get a true feel for the area, we opted for a self-guided walking tour to visit the main old town attractions. The Marktplatz is the center of the old city and is home to the Rathaus (City Hall). Basel’s Rathaus is very unique. It’s bright red and is covered in ornate paintings. Surrounding the Rathaus are markets with fresh flowers and fruits and vegetables. I love the architecture in Switzerland. Be sure to check out the Gothic style Basel Minister church and the Gate of Spalen when you’re in town.

Basel SwitzerlandBasel SwitzerlandBasel SwitzerlandBasel SwitzerlandBasel SwitzerlandBasel Switzerland


After wandering through the old city, checking out the beautiful churches and traditional architecture, we decided to just be ourselves…. and find a local brewery! For lunch we went to Ueli Brewery. Lunch consisted of pretzels with different cheese pairings and beer. Lots of beer. Once we were nice and toasty, and the rain had let up, we took a Rhine River cruise. We had a nice & relaxing view of the city (which was good since we were a little buzzed from “lunch”).

Basel SwitzerlandBasel SwitzerlandBasel SwitzerlandBasel SwitzerlandBasel Switzerland

We ended our night wandering through the old city, popping in and out of local bars. The rain came back and it was quite a cozy ending to our short trip to Basel.


What is your favorite place in Switzerland? I’d love to see Lauterbrunnen!

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