Allbirds Tree Runner - A Review of the World's Most Comfortable Shoe

Chances are you’ve seen articles popping up on your social channels talking about Allbirds, the self-proclaimed “World’s Most Comfortable Shoe”. I have been eyeing this brand since they came on the scene, but recently I’ve been seeing them everywhere. 



Allbirds were created by New Zealand natives whose goal is to create sustainable, environmentally friendly shoes, that are comfortable, too! Every shoe is clean with a simplistic yet beautiful design. They are a B-Corp, focus of recycling used Allbirds, and use recycled packaging. And the best part? They have an amazing trial policy. You can wear the shoes for 30 days and return them for a full refund, no questions asked! So really, it’s a win win! 

It took me a really long time to decide between the Wool Runners and the Tree Runners (they have other styles on their website). I like the Wool Runners but fear they would be a little too warm for someone living in Arizona (it averages 110 in the summer). The Tree Runners are lighter weight and a lighter material. They also came in “Chalk White” which I really loved. 

Allbirds Tree Runner - A Review of the World's Most Comfortable Shoe


I went ahead and ordered the Tree Runners in Chalk White. The shipping was free and pretty fast, they came before the end of the estimated time-table. The packaging was fun and fresh. I pulled out the shoes and immediately noticed how lightweight they were. 


Putting them on for the first time was really surprising. They were honestly so soft & comfortable I literally said out lout to myself, “wow!” It’s always hard for me to find shoes that fit because I have a wider foot with a more narrow heel. But these fit great. The toe box area is wider than an average Nike but still looks sleek. I love the low-profile fit, I think that helps to make the foot look smaller. The fit seems to be true to size, but they only come in full sizes, so I recommend sizing up. I normally wear a 6.5 but ordered a 7 and they fit great with just a bit of extra room.


The ultimate test… wearing them for an (super) extended amount of time. I decided to jump feet first (pun intended). Every year in August I help Paul out with some of his work projects, which require 15+ hour days on your feet. No joke. Because I’ve never had good luck with tennis shoes fitting great or being very comfortable, I decided to wear these with no break-in period. 

And boy am I glad I did! Being on your feet and running up and down stairs for hours straight  is extremely exhausting. With my Tree Runners my feet stayed dry (I opted for a light pair of shoe-liner socks to prevent potential blisters). Of course, being on your feet for 15+ hours a day will make your feet hurt, no matter how comfortable your shoes are. But I can honestly say, from my previous years doing this project in Nikes and New Balances, the difference was immense! 

I didn’t get any blisters and was luckily able to start the next day feeling fresh without any extensive soreness in my feet. 

I highly recommend trying a pair for yourself! They have an excellent try/return policy that you just can’t beat when it comes to shoes! I even convinced Paul to order a pair and he loves them, too! I think I will purchase a pair of Charcoal Wool Runners for the winter. 


  • Cute
  • Low profile
  • Super comfortable
  • No need to wear socks
  • Eco friendly
  • 30 day no-questions-asked trial, money back guarantee
  • Unique
  • Affordable 


  • You can see the outlines of your toes because the fabric is so thin
  • No traction, not good for doing any real workout or training 
  • Colors (and usually they’re not quite my style, like soft yellow and a melony-orange)

Have you tried any shoes from Allbirds? Which ones and how did you like them?

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