Looking for a new hobby? It’s a tough time in the world for so many reasons (thanks, corona) and travel has essentially been halted. I’m jonesing for a creative outlet so I’m sharing 12 fun hobbies for travel lovers! All of these can be done from the confines of your home, but will also transition out into the real-world when the quarantine lifts.

Hope you are all staying safe & healthy out there!


  1. READING | If you’re into non-fiction consider Wild or one of my favorites, The Hiding Place, if you prefer fantasy, check out The Bear and the Nightingale 
  2. PHOTOGRAPHY | Check out online classes or YouTube videos, then head outside & start taking photos (just remember to self-distance)
  3. LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE | I have a whole post dedicated to learning a new language, I’m learning German
  4. SIDE HUSTLE | Consider starting a side hustle like dog-walking, photography or copy editing – stash the cash for your next trip
  5. VOLUNTEER | Once the quarantine lifts, look into volunteering at your local animal shelter, elderly home or a food bank. Check out overseas volunteer opportunities if you’re looking for a big adventure
  6. WRITE | Sign up for a writing class and explore your creative side
  7. GET OUTSIDE | Hiking, biking and running are perfect for the quarantine life and can help you see new parts of your city. Bring your camera & your dog
  8. TAKE AN ART CLASS | There are so many fun art classes online. Consider checking out Brit & Co, Skillshare and A Beautiful Mess to name a few
  9. CALLIGRAPHY | Buy a book on Amazon or check out YouTube videos, calligraphy could turn into a side-hustle or just a fun hobby
  10. EXPLORE YOUR ANCESTRY | This is my FAVORITE on the list! I’m obsessed with genealogical research and highly recommend learning about your ancestors. Your discoveries could inspire a new trip! If you’d like more info on ancestry research, send me an email, I’d love to help you!
  11. GARDEN | Order flowers or herbs popular in a country you love and plant a little garden. Think fresh lavender for France or tulips for the Netherlands
  12. COOKING & COCKTAILS | Get a regional cookbook or stream a cooking class online to learn to make some of your favorite foreign dishes. I’m considering a pasta-making class

What hobbies would you add to this list?

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