I decided to take the plunge and purchase Away Travel luggage for Paul and myself. Away has been gaining popularity in recent months due to the company’s revolutionary luggage. They create thoughtful, minimalist, functional, smart luggage, all for an affordable price.



  • Great size options – Away offers 4 different sizes, from small to large
  • Other bag optionsAway also sells a duffle bag, garment bag, two different sized backpacks, and packing cubes
  • LightweightThe Bigger Carry-On clocks in at only 7.8lbs, making it one of the lightest carry-on bags on the market
  • Easy to roll – Four 360-degree wheels make for a smooth ride, whether you’re running through the airport or walking through cobblestoned streets looking for your hotel
  • Two main compartments – Perfect for organizing – I love the two separate sides. One is great for hard, bulky items (like shoes & toiletries); while the other side (with a compression pad) is the perfect spot for your clothes
  • Carrying Case with Power Converter – My Bigger Carry-On came with a zippered pouch with a power converter for multiple countries
  • Compression pad – The compression pad allows you to lock your clothes into place all while stealing a little more room by compressing your items
  • Laundry bag – An attached laundry bag will store your dirty clothes until laundry day
  • Sleek, classic & simple – I really love the look of the Away luggage. It’s minimal, sleek, and classic. It will literally never go out of style
  • Amazing colors – With 10 classic colors, Away offers more choices than any brand out there. They also partner with different people/companies from time to time to create limited edition colors. Note: the light colors will show scuffs and marks much easier than the dark colors
  • Affordable – The Carry-On retails for only $225 (21.7” x 13.7” x 9”). A Tumi carry-on in a similar size retails for $475 – more than double the Away!
  • TSA lock – It makes it so easy to keep my stuff secure while still being in compliance with TSA
  • Removable charger – more details below!
  • 100 Day Trial – more details below!
  • Lifetime Warranty – more details below!

See below for more details on the removable charger, 100 day trial and lifetime warranty.


Both the Carry-On and Bigger Carry-On offer a removable charger option. Or you can opt out of a removable charger all together. There are two charging ports which allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time. Note: I used this bag in China and of course here in the US and I’ve never had an issue. Just make sure you remove the battery before checking the bag. And of course, airline policies change all the time, so it’s best to check with your specific airline before your flight to be safe!

100 Days with Away Travel Luggage


And one more plus, incase you weren’t convinced yet. Away offers a 100 Day Risk Free Trial! That means you can USE the bag! Travel with it, check it, roll it down those uneven European streets. If for ANY reason you don’t want to keep that bag, just return it before your 100 days are up, and you’ll get your money back. No questions asked.


I think this is my FAVORITE thing about Away. They offer a lifetime warranty on their luggage. So if anything breaks that prevents you from using the luggage, no matter how or when it happened, they will fix or replace the bag FOR LIFE! This does not include superficial marks like scuffs or minor scratches. Two things:

1. Other designer hard-shelled luggage (like Tumi) does not offer a lifetime warranty. In fact, most offer 5 years or less, and it often has a lot of restrictions.

2. Although Away boasts that their bags are dent free, I did get a sizeable dent on my bag when I checked it. They shipped me a replacement bag that same day! I cannot say enough about their amazing customer service!


I absolutely LOVE my Away bag and I think it’s the only bag anyone should own (this is not sponsored, I just really like the company and product). Of course, not everything can be 100% perfect. There are just a couple of things I would change.

  • The zipper seems a little cheap, although they’ve worked without any issues, it doesn’t pull as smoothly as I’d like
  • Paul’s leather luggage tag broke on the way to the airport on our first trip with the luggage, not a big deal, but it shouldn’t have broken so quickly
  • No handle at the very bottom of the bag. Having a bottom handle makes it way easier to grasp and lift overhead. Hey Away, add a handle to the bottom!
  • While I have not had the handle break, when my bag is really full, it feels like it could snap

Of course, don’t let these cons prevent you from trying out the Away. Like I said, they have a 100 day trial and a lifetime warranty unlike any luggage brand I’ve ever seen before. You really can’t go wrong!

100 Days with Away Travel Luggage 100 Days with Away Travel Luggage 100 Days with Away Travel Luggage 100 Days with Away Travel Luggage

100 Days with Away Travel Luggage

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Do you have Away luggage – which one? Tell me in the comments below! If not, tell me what your go-to luggage is.

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