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Where to Eat, Drink & Sight-See in Cincinnati

August 24, 2017
Cincinnati Ohio

In all of my life, I never would have expected these four words to come out of my mouth, “I love Cincinnati, Ohio”. Sounds weird, I mean, who actually says that? But for some reason, I always assumed Ohio was boring, ugly, and brutally cold. That last statement might be true, I’ve never been in the winter. But what is it not? Boring or ugly! Cincinnati, also known as the Queen City, has a diverse cultural scene and so many things to see and do!

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Seattle Travel United States Washington

Seattle Waterfront

June 29, 2017
Seattle Waterfront Pike Place Market

Seattle is a unique city. While it isn’t my favorite, it does have some redeeming qualities. I love the rainy days, the rolling green islands, Mount Rainier, the 90’s grunge music, and the Netflix show The Killing. Anyone else secretly in love with Detective Holder?! While I didn’t get to spend as much time exploring the city as I would have liked, I did enjoy my time in Seattle. Check out my list of trendy must-sees in the PNW’s Emerald City.

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