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  • Regensburg Germany
    Germany Travel

    6 Hours In… Regensburg, Germany

    I’ve been in Europe for two months and I have one month left on this crazy, exciting journey! Time is really flying. I’ve been lucky to travel around a bit during my time here…

  • u bahn station
    Germany Travel

    Unique U-Bahn Stations in Munich

    I’m sharing something a little different on the blog today- some of my favorite U-Bahn (subway) stations in Munich. That sounds weird, right? Like who actually gets excited about subway stations? Well… me! I…

  • Olympia Park
    Germany Travel

    Munich’s Olympia Park

    I spent the afternoon walking through Munich’s Olympia Park. This multi-use space was originally built for the 1972 Summer Olympics. The park is an easy train ride from the city center and is situated…

  • Schloss Nymphenburg
    Germany Travel

    Schloss Nymphenburg

    Guten Tag! I am officially in Munich and I could not be more excited! Paul and I started our European journey in Poland and made our way to Germany last week. Now I am…