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Munich’s Best Christmas Markets – Part 2 of 2

December 14, 2017
Munich Christmas Markets

Hold on to your sleighs, I’m back with part two of Munich’s BEST Christmas Markets. Today I’m sharing my favorite of the bunch!

If you’ve never been to Germany during the holidays, you’re missing out! The German’s really know how to get you in the Christmas spirit! Almost every square across the country will have markets set up, offering traditional German treats and gifts… and Munich is no exception!

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Local Living Munich

Unique U-Bahn Stations in Munich

November 23, 2017
u bahn station

I’m sharing something a little different on the blog today- some of my favorite U-Bahn (subway) stations in Munich. That sounds weird, right? Like who actually gets excited about subway stations? Well… me! I spent a day last week just riding the train around Munich and taking photos of my favorite stations. And luckily, Munich’s public transportation system is awesome, one of the best.

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